hahah going back to blogger again, usual link 😀

cant bear to delete wordpress but will be posting there now (:


been thinking, haha claudia’s awesome when i tell her i running she came to run with me too even though it was like drizzling and we only ran + walk + slacked like 3 rounds! and ate 3 bags of chips after tht and talked crap and read ur blahhh 8 days!  super unproductive but it was fun! HEEEE. okay la CLAUDIA u rock! xD


everythings gonna be alright right?            

yup piying, dont fret.

if i were to think and worry a little lesser and just let things be what it is and let people be who they are, the world’s gonna be a happier place. im gonna go out again when its really pouring. hah, i want porkchop back.

and i killed a moth wasnt on purpose. im sorry. D:



haha havent been blogging for a weeek,time flies. amazing. actually felt like blogging these past few days when i look back and was like pics are in my phone and i cant connect it to the com. D: (no my cable isnt lost, it just snapped and the copper wires all came out.) old red phone died last week, actually not tht old its just slightly older than a year, and claudia witness its last moments when its death was officially declared in burger king. burger king’s bad. food’s contaminated, either tht or you seriously cant eat onion rings with sundae pie. xD heeee. thanks mummy for getting another one for me even though ur plan wasnt over; and even though i dun like pink, the phone we got looks like a candy bar 😀  i lost my contacts so please sms me and tell me who u are! 😀 hee.

will find a way to connect my phone to the com..D: went ikea with mummy ytd cos daddy was busy and tired D:  hahaha went around looking for my bookshelf cos mum said she cant stand my things anymore. D: then after tht went to giant to shop for stuffs and then courts to buy her washing machine..ohoh the cab driver was super nice too he thought i was ____ and gave me a eat. even though it was super spicy..hahaha tasted not bad la 😀 nice guy!!he drove us around even though it was hari raya and he’s a malay cab driver! (: then we bought this washing machine under this super talkative sales person..hahahha ALMOST saw tan ying cos when i went out she came in i think xDDD a shuttle bus home with mummy(: im gonna make sure i get a car or a husband with a car when i grow up next time!! XD



smile like a sunflower and the world smiles with u!

HAH. nice christopher kept reminding me this when i felt a little emo ytd. its suprising okay. CHRISTOPHER say one line only right i give u another line! xD kay la i know you’re naturally nice just tht nobody notices 😀 heeee. eat my apple please even though ur braces is like !!!!!!!!! same fate okay my teeth hurts too  D: AND U OWE ME A WHITE CALCULATOR for christmas! 😀  i dun usually have mood swings. although its only for like a few mins.. :X heh quote from some bear ez link card holder tht lifetone got me (: YAY! thx max reynold and chris for staying at the food court to watch me do math even though i only finished like 3 questions D: and max fell asleep hee. xD eat more next time!     —> my carrotcake -.- feels weird today. maybe cos there’s no choir. hahah cca ended alrdy, quite fast leh for choir xD got home like super early, if there was choir today i’d be home only after 5 la xD grrr.


phew. sad dont really like wordpress now cos it doesnt have nice skins for me to change into. D: tried reverting back to blogger but my template’s screwed up. dad’s home early too cos he said his boss was bored and didnt feel like working O.O he’s super amusing. xD

dad : “so how ur today dunno wad test can not?”
me : “daddy its chemistry O LEVEL SPA. ”
dad : “haiya same la so okay not? ”
me : “forgot some stuffs..”
dad : “then okay not?”
me: “then super sian la then thing nv change colour!”
dad: “so means okay la?”
me: “daddy u know wad i talking about not!!?”
dad: “u tell me okay then can le la!”
dad: ” oh no.DIE.”

so depressing forgot to do some stuffs and everyone in the lab was like panicking hah. xD but dad’s nice he got me a proper lunch after finding out tht i only ate butter rolls for lunch and apple juice xD HAH. okay weird now the sun’s so hot. i want rain. hope it rains tmr.


you’re forever the best lab partner in my whole life. (:

sleeeeepy… D:


belated joyous bday celebration on..xDD monday i think 😀 heeee went to eat at fish and co and meow was horrified. then we watched…


G-FORCE! 😀 hhaha its super PG, the first movie i didnt cry in(:


was super cuteee ! 😀


hahaha reminds me of porkchop. found his old dino house in the dining table just now not long ago.. D:


picture at fish and co as usual 😀 haha i thought it was express then in the end it costs like 10+++! haha but nvm la the fish was ultra super huge, and the waiter was super friendly even when we dropped the fork 3 times (: (thanks to…  :X ) heeee. more pics uploaded later bah lazy xD gonna sleeep soon, hope joyous likes the present lucky we didnt get the ____. xDD went off for choir bbq after pics D: hahah but will find pics and upload them up again! hahah MAX’S CONDO IS SUPER COOL. their pool is super big even though i cant swim D: hahahahha and its the first bbbq where we had a successful fire in quite a short time thanks to reynolddddd charcoal man. 😀 heee.left early than the rest with joyce rachel fedora and kun mei(: and i didnt get diarrhoea! xD        update more tmr i think, when i get more pics. either tht or… >.< heh bro was super amazed by my biotronic game thing on facebook today. got the highscoreeee! xD 

gonna sleeeep! choir tmr! (:  it was a really quiet day today. hope it’ll rain soon. (:


my future room (:

my future room (:

heeee (: